Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Galentine’s Day Party Ideas That’ll Look Sooo Cute on the ’Gram

Amigas! Cheetahs! Friends for life!!

Christmas is great, Halloween is fun, and New Years Eve is overrated. But there will never be a celebration quite like a Galentine’s Day party. You can’t tell me there’s anything better than getting all your bests together for a night filled with laughter, a bit of tea-spilling, bottles and bottles of vino, and endless amounts of food (we deserve this).

Just ask the ultimate best friend: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. Yup, that’s right—the best fake holiday was created by your fave fictional television character (season 2, episode 16, for inquiring minds). Just when you thought the shining star of Pawnee, Indiana, couldn’t get any more iconic….

Anyway, if you’re still stressing out about how to pull off the perfect Galentine's Day celebration —do not fret, my friend! All you gotta do is text the squad and let them know they’re absolutely booked on February 13—and we'll help bring the party.

Suggest a dress code.

Is it even a party if y’all aren’t coordinated with your ’fits?! Your Instagram feed would be disappointed if you didn’t! Hit up your group chat and come up with an ~aesthetic~ that everyone loves. Maybe you guys wanna go the traditional route and stick with the red and pink color scheme or maybe y’all wanna rock the matching pajamas look—whatever it may be, just make sure that everybody’s getups go together because, y’know, #ThatGroupPicTho.

Arrange your own flowers.

Putting together the perfect bouquet is literally an art form.  Supply or bring a vase, mini shears, and pickup some fresh flowers. Let the crafting commence!

Plan a beauty product swap.

Pick a value and everyone bring their fave, must-have beauty product. Pick the product you want to try and share with your bests all current beauty secrets you've been holding out on.

Organize a wine swap.

Everybody brings a wrapped bottle and picks a number. Number one picks any bottle, number two can steal that bottle or pick a new one. Repeat until everyone has a bottle. Oh, and only two steals are allowed per bottle. Everyone goes home with a new brand of vino—if you don’t pop them open before the night’s over, that is. And we PROMISE they’ll love any type of wine from our tasting packs!

Pick a signature cocktail. 

But if you really plan to wow your guests with the beverages, know that a signature cocktail will only go so far. Stock your bar with ingredients to whip up the prettiest drink ever. This recipe for rosé wine cocktail spritzers should do the trick!

  • 1 bottle rosé wine, chilled
  • 24 ounces lemon-lime soda
  • 3 raspberries
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • Sugar for glasses

    Put the lemon juice in a bowl and dip your glass’s rim in it. Then dip it in a bowl of sugar. Then drop the raspberries in. Fill ¼ of the glass with soda and the rest with rosé. Recipe from Luci’s Morsels.

    Have a bake-off

    There’s nothing like a friendly competition where everybody technically wins! (Unless you’re REALLY not that good in the kitchen, LOL.) Come up with a recipe and see who makes the best-looking, best-tasting version. How cute would a heart-shaped cake be though?!

    Brunch. It. Up.

    Ah, there’s just nothing like some breakfast food and mimosas at a sweet 12:30 p.m. that’ll get the gals going and feeling prime. Celebrate one of the most love-filled holidays with some heart-shaped waffles, eggs, bacon, bagels, croissants, muffins, scones, or whatever morning treats your pals prefer. Pro tip: If you wanna go the extra mile and make your brekky spread on some Pinterest-level ish, throw all le foods on a charcuterie board. Voilà. An art piece perf for all the picture posting. You’re welcome.

    Assign everyone a Secret Cupid.

    It’s like Secret Santa but for G-Day. Everyone picks a name out of a hat and shows up on Galentine’s Day with a gift just like Cupid. Except bring them a gift they actually want—like this badass bottle of wine.

    Hand out galentines.

    Send each of your gals off with a note about why you love ’em so much (the cornier, the better). That’s what this day is all about, remember?