We believe in being the controller of our own destiny, and that it’s our birthright to discover, learn, and adventure into the wild.

  • To us femininity is about dreaming big, and loving deeply.

    It’s about our connection to the earth and those around us. It’s about taking time for moments with ourselves and our family. We take pleasure in the sensory moment that exists when you swirl a new vintage for the first time, examining the legs, the aroma, and the flavour.

    We savour those slow moments that linger, causing us to pause and reflect on what we have, where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. We believe in the pursuit of knowledge, and that an aptitude for growth should be encouraged at every age. Developing the next generation into kind, considerate, knowledge-forward humans requires us to dive deep and learn more (and we think this is made a little bit easier with a robust Malbec).

  • Wine has a rich history, and it’s that history that we find so fascinating and so fulfilling.

    From Ancient Greece to modern times, families have poured their hearts and their minds into the practice of viticulture–using the unique acidity of their native soil or the natural elevation of the vineyard’s land to create something beautiful that can only be grown there. Just like wine, we believe that no two womxn are comparable and are beautiful in their own right for their story, their history, and the qualities that make them unique. We believe that reversing damaging socialization will result in all humans dreaming big and living abundantly. That’s why we’ll never pass up an opportunity to be bold and dream big.

  • Our founder.

    Victoria Harris is the founder of MMDW and believes that the most valuable opportunity that we all have throughout our lifetimes is to learn. She founded MMDW in 2017 on a mission to discover winemaking knowledge from around the world and the consumer power we hold. Motherhood and femininity define her value base and promoting a more conscious way of thinking, recognizing the big impacts that our small everyday decisions have on the world our children will grow up in is imperative. We have the power to choose what we put into our bodies to support our health, how we nurture the environment that our littles will depend on, what business structures will benefit the future of our society most, and what family values will greatest align our future generations to live a happy, more present existence.

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